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Policies and Procedures

2014-2015 Printable Policies and Procedures

Attendance Card IconAttendanceTop of Page

All children are expected to be in attendance each day.

The State of California considers a student with 3 days or more of unexcused absences as a habitual truant. Also, being 30 minutes or more late for school is considered a truancy. Excessive absences, in all probability, will affect the child’s educational performance.

Attendance rules in the State of California were changed starting in the 1998-99 school year. Excused absences will no longer be counted toward actual attendance by the state. Therefore we are asking that whenever possible, you schedule dental and doctor appointments after school hours or during vacation times.

Reporting_Absences Card IconReporting AbsencesTop of Page

State law requires an official verification by the parent or legal guardian excusing absences. You may either call the office the day of your child’s absence (916) 375-0960 or leave a voice mail message after hours, or you may send a note with your child when he or she returns to school. When you report your child’s absence, please include your child’s name, date of absence, reason for the absence and the name of the person reporting the absence. The parent may either call or request student work or the child may ask the teacher for it and complete it promptly. Homework requests will not be filled until after school is dismissed at the end of the day. Make-up work is the student’s responsibility.

Tardies Card IconTardiesTop of Page

It is important that students arrive on time. Students entering late cause an interruption of the entire class, therefore disrupting the academic program. If tardy, the students must come to the office to get an admit slip before going  to class. More than 3 tardies in a semester will count against a student with a perfect attendance award.

Arrival_and_Departure_Time Card IconArrival and Departure TimeTop of Page

Students are not to arrive on the school grounds before 7:30AM and are expected to return home immediately after school at 2:30PM. Playground equipment is off limits after school is over. Adult supervision is only provided from 7:30AM until 2:00PM. Parents and guardians  need to pick up their children in a timely manner. If you will be late to pick up your child, please call the office to inform staff. 

Leaving_Campus Card IconLeaving CampusTop of Page

Children are not permitted to leave school grounds without permission. We value every minute of your child’s educational time, so we strongly encourage you not to take your child out of school early. If is it is absolutely necessary, you must come into the office to sign your child out. For your child’s safety, the office staff will only release your child to a person that is listed on your emergency card. Please inform the office if your contact information should change. You will remain in the office area to wait for your child.

Parking_Lot Card IconParking LotTop of Page

When delivering or picking up your children, we ask that you use the designated pick up area in the parking lot. Please do not leave your car unattended in the loading zone and do not park in the staff parking lot or on the red zones. Students are to use designated cross walks and  are not to walk through the parking lot or in the driveway. Please be courteous with other drivers and follow simple traffic rules.

Crossing_Guards Card IconCrossing GuardsTop of Page

Our crossing guards are here to help students be safe. It is your responsibility to see that your child arrives and leaves school safely. We will require your child to use the crosswalk. If you pick your child up, we request that you also use the crosswalk in order to teach your child how to correctly cross the street. This is for your child’s safety.

Pediculosis_(Head_Lice) Card IconPediculosis (Head Lice)Top of Page

The occurrence of head lice is a common problem in schools. Parents can help by routinely checking their own children. Head checks are done periodically throughout the school by trained professionals and the school nurse. Students found to have head lice are sent home with instructions on how to eliminate the problem. Students must be free of all lice and eggs before they will be allowed to return to school.

Report_Cards Card IconReport CardsTop of Page

Report cards and or progress reports will be issued to students every quarter and will contain academic effort and conduct grades. While reviewing the report card with your child, set learning goals for the next quarter period. Your child will receive the final report card once all monetary debts with the library, cafeteria, and classroom teacher have been cleared. To access your child’s class work and homework you can use the Homelink Program.

Homework_Policy Card IconHomework PolicyTop of Page

The purposes of assigning homework are to strengthen academic skills, reinforce concepts taught by teachers, develop student responsibility and accountability, and to promote parent awareness. Homework is deemed to be an independent activity to be accomplished outside of the school day. Homework will generally fall into one or more of three categories and may include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Practice:  This includes activities to reinforce skills.
  2. Preparation: These are assignments designed to provide background  information and focus on future class activities.
  3. Extension: Creative activities such as book reports, science projects, and research are examples of such homework.
The amount of homework assigned shall be related to the maturational and ability level of students in a given class. It will generally be assigned on a Monday through Thursday basis. Assignments of a longer nature will include checkpoint monitoring. It is the responsibility of the student to note and understand the homework assignment, complete it, and return it to school on the required day. Students neglecting to do homework may lose field trip privileges. It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s work, assisting as appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. Also, some classes may have extended projects over break periods. To access your child’s homework and other assignments use Homelink.

Phone_Messages_to_Children Card IconPhone Messages to ChildrenTop of Page

If it is necessary for you to contact your child concerning a change in transportation, these messages will be taken and delivered before 2PM. Any phone messages for children after  2PM will be for emergencies only.

Emergency_Cards Card IconEmergency CardsTop of Page

Parents and guardians are required by law to provide the school with emergency information at the beginning of each school year and as information changes. It is imperative that the school be able to reach you in case your child is sick or injured. In addition to the home phone number, it is important that at least two additional numbers be listed in case of emergency. For everyone’s well being we cannot have ill children at school.

Accidents Card IconAccidentsTop of Page

If your child is seriously injured at school we will make him or her comfortable and then call you immediately. In case of an accident requiring the services of a doctor, every attempt will be made to contact you before your child is taken to receive medical attention. For this reason, we request that parents inform us immediately if your phone number or any emergency numbers change.

Medication Card IconMedicationTop of Page

If a student needs to take any type of medication during the school day, a written consent form from the doctor must be completed every school year and be on file in the school office. (Blank forms are available in the office.) Once this form is on file, either the school nurse, secretary, clerk, principal or administrative designee, may give the prescribed medication to the child. The medication must be in its prescription bottle with the dosage information on it. If you know that your child has a bladder problem, please inform the teacher and school nurse and keep a change of clothes in the office for him or her.

Lunch_and_Breakfast_Program Card IconLunch and Breakfast ProgramTop of Page

If you think that your child will be eating breakfast or hot lunch at any time during the year, it would be wise for you to set up an account for your child. As long as there is money in your child’s account, your child may eat. (This is especially convenient on those days when your child forgets their lunch at home. Breakfast is served from 7:30AM until 8AM.Free and reduced lunch are available for students that qualify. Applications are sent home in the Beginning of School packet and should be returned to the office as soon as possible. If your job status changes any time during the school year, you may get a lunch/breakfast application from the office. Parents are responsible for providing lunches for their child/children in advance. Students will not be allowed to charge and pay later. Food Services accepts checks on a weekly, monthly and annual basis for payment of student lunches and breakfasts.

Lunch counts are taken at the beginning of each day. Students that arrive tardy should either bring their lunch or tell the office by 8:30AM.

Crisis_Intervention_Plan Card IconCrisis Intervention PlanTop of Page

A Crisis Intervention Plan is in place in every classroom and in the office at Stonegate Elementary. It is also on file with the West Sacramento Police Department. For the safety of all students and staff, regular evacuation and lock down procedures are practiced. We also have frequent earthquake safety drills. Each classroom has a safety pack of emergency procedures and supplies hanging near the door to use in case of any emergency. Staff has been trained in these drills.

Student/Led_Parent_Conferences Card IconStudent/Led Parent ConferencesTop of Page

Communication is an essential part of the educational program and we feel it is extremely important to keep in close contact with your child’s teacher concerning his/her progress. Please remember to request a conference in advance so a time convenient for all can be established.

Parent_Concerns Card IconParent ConcernsTop of Page

If a parent or guardian should have a concern about a practice, policy or procedure the parent/guardian should go to the staff person immediately involved. For classroom concerns, parent/guardians should always contact the teacher first to voice the concern and seek a resolution.

Student_Awards Card IconStudent AwardsTop of Page

Students receive awards for various topics such as Perfect Attendance, Academic Excellence, Citizenship, Reaching Proficiency, Proficient and Beyond Proficiency, Most Improved, and other categories at the discretion of the teacher.

Field_Trips Card IconField TripsTop of Page

Field trips are scheduled throughout the school year to enhance the educational curriculum. These trips are not a requirement, but a privilege. Any child who does not meet the classroom teacher’s standards for behavior, attendance, academic effort, or homework, will be excluded from field trips. If a child is not allowed to participate, contact with the parent will be made prior to the trip and other classroom arrangements will be made. In order for any child to participate in a field trip experience, the school must have a permission form signed by the parent or guardian. These forms must be sent home prior to each field trip.

Dress_Code Card IconDress CodeTop of Page

Students are required to wear a school uniform.  The district uniform policy will be strictly enforced.

Cell_Phones Card IconCell PhonesTop of Page

Cell phones are not to be out during the school day (8AM to 2:30PM) Students are responsible for keeping them out of sight. Cell phones that are seen or heard will be confiscated and kept in the school office and will be returned to the parent or guardian.

Prohibited_Items Card IconProhibited ItemsTop of Page

The following items are not allowed at school: toys, video games, iPods, digital cameras, and trading cards.  These items will be confiscated and will not be returned to the student. Parents and guardians can pick them up in the office.