Stonegate Elementary School

Imelda Subia


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Making a Difference at Stonegate

Third grade ELD students are learning about communities and making a difference – making our Stonegate community better. They are also learning to write a friendly letter - a letter that states a problem and gives a solution.  When asked if there is something that would make Stonegate a better school, they wrote this letter:


Dear parents, students and teachers,

Our school is nice and beautiful, but we have a problem! Some students are chewing gum at school and then putting it under the cafeteria tables.  Some students spit their gum out and we step on it or it gets hard and makes black, ugly circles on the sidewalk.  We need to keep our school clean by not bringing gum to school. Parents, please do not let your children bring gum to school.  Students, if you need to throw gum away, put it in a piece of paper and throw it in the garbage not on the ground and please DO NOT stick it under a table.  Let’s keep our school beautiful and clean. 


Ms. Subia’s 3rdgrade ELD students



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