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  • Third graders in Mrs. Rosales' class are learning WICOR strategies which will be used in 4th grade, 5th grade, middle school & high school.
  • AVID is a program to support students with the best practices in teaching while also preparing them to enter and have success in college or other academic careers.


Tina Rosales

Harvest Festival



Announcements & Upcoming Events



F, 10/12/18      Harvest Day Festival


M, 10/22 -        Parent / Teacher conferences

F, 10/26: 

Please visit the following link to sign up:



F, 11/16/18      Field trip to the Yolo Bypass Wetlands 



  • The last 30 minutes of every day, students who speak English as their first language have the opportunity to develop their academic language through ALD.
  • They study with our intervention specialist, Mrs. Newman.
  • Students who are beginning language learners of English will go to Mr. Camacho's class (EL levels 1 & 2) to learn basic vocabulary & structure in English.
  • Intermediate and advanced language learners (EL levels 3 & 4) will go to Mrs. Rosales' class to work on English in reading, writing and speaking with visuals and review of basic grammar rules and vocabulary.
  • The goal of the English language learners is to "level up," so that they eventually test out of the EL designation and reintegrate with their homeroom teacher and grade level as a fluent English speaker/ learner.
  • All EL students will take the state mandated "ELPAC" test to determine their proficiency levels.

RCD units in Language Arts and math

  • Washington Unified teachers have designed units of instruction around priority Common Core standards.
  • They have connected those units to our current curriculum of "Wonders" (ELA), "Go Math," "Reflections" (Social Studies), and science.
  • These units have been created using a "Rigorous Curriculum Design" or RCD process and include pre-assessments and post-assessments, performance tasks, and a pacing guide that all WUSD teachers are expected to follow.

ELA, unit 2:  Ecosystems and biomes around the world:



Mathematics, unit 1: Addition, Subtraction, & Perimeter


Students will be practicing more with perimeter.


  • We are also beginning to apply addition and subtraction concepts as we move forward in "Go Math" Ch 2: Data and Statistics.


Nurture a Love of Reading and Learning:

Please visit the link below and type in Rosales' class code for access to on-line books!

Class code:    gca5901

Daily Schedules

Regular Schedule

8:10 -    9:00:     Math

9:30 -    9:50:    Recess

10:00-  11:00:   ELA/ SS/ Science

11:00 - 11:50:    Lunch

11:50 -  1:10:     SSR / writing

1:15 -     1:30:   Recess

2:00 - 2:30:   ELD / ALD


Minimum Day Schedule

8:00-     9:20:     Math

9:20 -    9:35:     Recess

9:35 -   10:30:     Workshop 

10:30 - 11:10:     Lunch

11:10 - 12:30:        ELA

12:20 - 1:10: ELD/ ALD


PE w/ Mendenhall:  Mon. 8-9

VAPA w/ McCall:     Wed.  9:45 - 10:30

Library : Tuesday


Language Arts Centers

We will be doing language arts centers several times a week.  Students work in small groups to rotate through the following:


-computer center focusing on "Lexia;"

-phonics, spelling, vocabulary;

-reading comprehension;

-Teacher-led small group

Physical Education

Students will be receiving 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, fine motor training and teamwork games twice weekly.