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Office Changes as of 12/7/2020
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Parents, as there are more cases of Covid19 increasing in Yolo County we are taking a few precautions to protect our staff and students on campus in the Learning Center, Champions program, and ASES:Kidzone.
The office is officially closed to the public. Please call the front office and make an appointment.
Visitor Management
    • All visitors must make an appointment prior to Stonegate.
    • Upon arrival to a school site or department, all new visitors must remain in their vehicle or outside and contact the front office before entering the front office space (916-375-0960).  A staff member can assist them over the phone first to determine if the visitor needs to come into the front office space.
    •  All visitors Stonegate MUST check in and be screened by the front office
    • Social distancing practices must be followed (6 ft. of distance must be maintained)
    • No one that is ill is allowed onto any space on campus
    • Face coverings must be worn at all times
    • If a visitor must come into the front office, they should remain at the public counter and should not enter employee workspaces.