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Stonegate offers group instrumental music instruction for all 4th-8th grade students. The goals of this program are to introduce the student to performing music on an instrument. We hope you and your child will choose to take part in this exciting and beneficial program.  
Musical Notes 
Beginning Band Sign-Up (Ends August 31, 2022)

Beginning Band Sign-Up (Ends August 31, 2022)

Link to sign up for beginning band (limited to August)
Stonegate Intermediate/Concert Band

Stonegate Intermediate/Concert Band

Daily Materials
♩Musical instrument
♩1/2 inch binder 
♩Instrument fingering  chart     
♩Band music            
♩Theory Worksheets 
♩Access to Google classroom
♩Band PPE (optional)
♩Proper reeds/valve oil/sticks
♩Check your student email daily
Daily Rehearsal Procedure
♫Students will enter the room in an orderly manner and immediately begin to set up for rehearsal 
♫Warm up individually, participate in breathing exercises and then tune
♫Students will be courteous and treat all members with respect
♫Students will stop playing and talking when the director is on the podium (or sub or student leader)
♫Students will maintain a clean band room and storage area (This includes stacking chairs and stands)
 ♫NO GUM or food (or drinks other than water) is allowed in the band area. Water is fine.
♫NO cell phones on the stands/in the hands during rehearsals 
 ♫Student will complete written assignment if they do not have an instrument
♫Check your attitude and ego at the door, do not bring it in
♯First offense- Student will be given a verbal warning
♯Second offense - Student will be given a second verbal warning 
and student will be sent outside 
♯Third offense - Student will put his or her instrument away and parents will be notified  (cell phone will be given to the office for the remainder of the day)
♯Further offenses will be handled with the  Principal 
♮Concert Band/ Intermediate Band is a class, and  requires  practice at home. This includes the warm-ups, scales, and music rehearsed in class. 
Practicing at home gives you the ability to fix  your mistakes and  come prepared for the class rehearsal. 

Evidence is the assessment that shows proof of understanding of the scale or music in that assignment. The evidence is part of the class grade. Evidence can be a Flipgrid (FLIP) assignment or performing in class. (Evidence procedure will be explained during class).
Classroom assignments-written 
♭There will be written assignments throughout the year. The  written assignments will be done in class. The focus is on music theory. The music theory packet is a full year unit and will be part of the grade at the end of the year. 
Assignments during illness at home
There is a special google classroom called “At Home Band”. There will be assignments to be completed if a student is absent for several days. An email will be sent to the student's email address reminding them to sign into the special classroom. 
♬We are a performing group. An important goal of the class is to learn to perform for audiences and ourselves. ALL PERFORMANCES AND CONCERTS ARE MANDATORY. Performances are a class requirement (just like assessments are in another class). An excused absence is considered only if the student is ill (a parent will contact me before the concert to let me know) or if there is a death in the family. No other reasons (ie athletic practices , games birthday parties) are considered excused. Parent communication is required.
There is no true way to ”make up” a concert, but I will consider an alternate assignment to replace the concert at your prompting. 
My email is 
Any student who misses two performances  without a written notice from a parent prior to the performance will not attend Music In The Parks or any other fun activity.                                    
♫Formal concerts such as the Winter concert and the Spring Concert, the band will wear a clean white shirt or blouse and black slacks or skirt. Skirts will be no shorter than fingertips when arms 
are down to the sides.  NO JEANS OR T-SHIRTS!  On specific performances, we will wear our band t-shirt and jeans.
Concert Dates(subject to change)
♬Wednesday August 24  BTSN (Stonegate Concert Band)
♬Friday September TBD Bridgeway Fall Festival ( Concert Band)
♬Friday September 23  (time TBD) Stonegate and Bridgeway Concert bandFootball game at River City
♬Friday October 14 4pm Stonegate Harvest Festival (Concert Band)
♬Wednesday December 7(time TBD) Cookies with Santa (Concert Band)
♬Thursday Dec 8 7:00pm (6:30 call time)Bridgeway/Stonegate intermediate band Winter Concert with River City Choir at Stonegate
♬Wednesday December 16 7:00pm (6:30 call time) Stonegate Holiday Concert (Concert Band with River City Big Band)
♬Thursday December 15 7:00pm (6:30 call time)Bridgeway Holiday concert (Concert Band with River City Sea Monkeys)
♬Wednesday February 1 7:00pm (6:30 call time) Stonegate Winter concert (Beginning band, intermediate band and concert band)
♬Thursday February 2 7:00pm (6:30 call time)Bridgeway Winter Concert 
(Beginning band, intermediate band and concert band)
♬Thursday March 16  (time TBD)Bridgeway/Stonegate Concert band with River City at RCHS
♬Friday March 30 Bridgeway Picnic Day during school
♬Friday April 27(during school)  assemblies for 4th grade Bridgeway and Stonegate
♬Friday May 5 (time TBD) Mandatory  evening rehearsal at Bridgeway (Stonegate and Bridgeway Concert Band)
♬Saturday May 6  (time TBD) Music in the Parks Festival (Stonegate and Bridgeway Concert band)
♬Thursday/Friday May 11 and 12 (during school) Stonegate Picnic day (Concert and intermediate)
♬Wednesday May 10 7:00pm (call time 6:30)Stonegate Spring Concert (Beginning, intermediate, Concert)
♬Thursday/Friday May 11 and 12 (during school) Stonegate Picnic day (Concert and intermediate)
♬Thursday May 11 7:00pm (call time 6:30)Bridgeway Spring Concert (Beginning, Intermediate, Concert)
♬Wednesday May 17 (Time TBD)Open House Bridgeway ( Intermediate, Concert)
facebook: BridgewayStonegate Concert Band
​​Remind: text 81010 or
Bridgeway Concert @277e98
Stonegate Concert @h8ggc3
Bridgeway Intermediate @g2ga6a7
Stonegate Intermediate @fah992g
Grading Policy
♯The grading system is based on participation daily, evidence  and performances. Having your instrument, your music, a pencil, and participating fully is expected. Written class assignments, play tests and evidence will be graded by rubrics for each assignment.  If your instrument is forgotten three times or more in a quarter, your grade will go down one letter. If you do not turn in Evidence, your grade will go down one letter. (There are many chances to turn in and correct mistakes). If no evidence is turned in you will earn a grade no higher than a “C”. If you miss a concert without a parent notification to me, your grade will go down one letter. 
Section Leaders    
♮Organize and lead section rehearsals (know which music to rehearse, rehearse as a group, help other students with note reading, or fingerings and music phrasing {breath marks} and tuning).
♮Welcome new students into your section, get any information he/she needs to be caught up. (This includes band handbook, music and fundraising information).
♮Record attendance for your section at ALL performances (give information to Mrs. Henson)
♮ You are responsible for aiding your section to stack chairs and stands at the end of class.
♮All section leaders will help set up and tear down concerts, with help from band members.
♮Provide leadership by modeling appropriate behavior, maturity and performance excellence.

Other job positions
♪Music Librarian (one)
♪Beginning Band Assistants (many)
♪Treasurers (two)
Stonegate Beginning Band Information

Stonegate Beginning Band Information

5th grade Beginning Band Information 

   There's a lot of information here, please take the time to read it completely and thoroughly. 
Band Program 
Research shows that students who take an instrumental music class do better in their regular class because they transfer tracking (reading skill), counting (math skill), teamwork, self-discipline, and perseverance to the classroom. 
Beginning Band is during school and one class before or after school. The schedule will be given to the students on the first day of band. 
What your child learns 
The band students learn how to play an instrument, read music, work together and perform concerts. Music is a highly disciplined core subject. Students will learn how to self-monitor their playing to understand that playing an instrument at a high level takes time and lots of practice. (See practicing at home.) 
Renting an instrument 
I would like to encourage any parents who can rent an instrument for their child, to do so. The music store instruments are newer and the child takes pride in having his or her own instrument. Renting an instrument is different from getting a “loaned” instrument from the school district. I have provided information from Kline Music Store. (
A parent must have a major credit card, and will pay two months rent in advance. (However, you do not have to use the credit card for the rental). 
School Loaned Instruments 
The district has a very limited number of instruments to be loaned out. So, if you can rent an instrument from the music store, this would give the opportunity for a student who can not afford to rent an instrument, a chance to play in the band. 
When a student is loaned an instrument from the district, there is a contract the parents will sign. When a parent signs the contract, s/he is stating in writing that s/he will be responsible for anything that happens to that instrument, including damage, loss, or a stolen instrument. (Instruments cost between $700.00 and $2000.00). You can purchase instrument insurance. 
You are responsible for returning the instrument to the school prior to moving to another school. If these conditions are not met, the district will send you a bill a for the amount of repair or the cost of the instrument. 
Purchasing an Instrument 
I am going to start with what not to buy. DO NOT buy an instrument that is cheap, because that is exactly what it is. There are instruments being made that are advertised as student instruments that are under $300.00. These are basically disposable instruments. If it breaks, no instrument repair person will fix it, then your child will not have an instrument at all. Go to local music stores to purchase an instrument. I do not suggest buying on-line.
All students need to purchase the band method book called “Sound Innovations” Book 1 for your instrument. You may order one through me. The cost is $9.00 + .75 (tax) = $9.75. Students who choose to play clarinet or saxophone will have to buy reeds.The students need at least 5 to 6 for the whole year. (If you want to buy a box of reeds from Kline Music, that is a good idea. Be sure to buy Rico Royal reeds size 2 1/2). Do not buy Rico reeds in the orange box and no reeds lower than 2 ½ size. Purchasing the correct reeds insures a quality sound for the students. 
Practice at Home.  I sell the reeds to the students who do not have one for that day for $2.00 each (This is significantly under the retail price. It is very important that the students pay me for the reeds, so that I can purchase more during the year.) 
Just like the regular classroom, band class has homework. The students must practice at home to achieve better skills for dexterity, breath support, and music reading. The students should practice 15 minutes a day for 5 days. (The goal will be to practice 30 minutes a day.) Practicing is done at home and is not accounting for time spent in class. 
As a parent, please be supportive for your child’s practicing at home. The sounds you will hear may not be pleasant at first, however, by the end of two months, you will hear great changes in your child’s sound and abilities. Encourage your child to practice in a separate room (a bedroom, garage, or bathroom works okay), NOT OUTSIDE. 
It takes many years to become proficient at playing a musical instrument. This is not something that happens overnight. Professional musicians work very hard to achieve their sound and they practice all the time! 
Have patience, give good comments for your child, and listen for the improvements as the year progresses. 
This is a class. I will take roll and expect the student to attend during the scheduled time. If the parent and child decide to discontinue the band class, I must have a written note from the parent.
There are concerts (performances in front of an audience) throughout the year. Concerts are a measure of their acquired knowledge and shows maturity and strength to perform under a controlled environment like a test or assessment. Students are required to attend. I will let the students know at least four weeks or more ahead of a concert date. You will be contacted too. You are welcome to contact me anytime. 

Delores Henson 
Band Director 
Bridgeway Stonegate Concert Band